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Cadence Franchising is dedicated to modernizing franchise recruitment and creating exceptional franchise sales experiences. We help grow franchise networks by providing technology-driven lead nurturing services to franchise sellers designed to boost interest from qualified entrepreneurs and investors. We continuously look for innovative ways to maximize investments in lead generation, increase candidate conversions, and expand franchise networks.

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Consistently signing over 6 new franchisees every month, COBS Bread is North America’s fastest growing bakery franchise. Cadence plays an integral role in COBS’ franchise recruitment process by welcoming, nurturing, and qualifying every lead. Utilizing Cadence, COBS is able to maintain a category-leading conversion rate and franchise expansion pace.

“Cadence provides the personal touch we strive for in our franchise recruitment process. We are able to capture hundreds of leads every month and have the peace of mind that each one will receive immediate, thoughtful, and continuous communications. With Cadence, we get more applications from quality franchise candidates than ever before.”

Brad Bissonnette

VP Marketing & Franchise
Recruitment, COBS Bread

Cadence Franchising

We help franchisors meet and exceed their growth targets, both locally and internationally, with technology-powered lead acquisition and communications strategies. We provide strategic consultation, solution implementation, and lead management services to some of North America’s top franchise brands and broker networks. We are trusted advisors to many franchise industry players with a proven ability to advance the franchise business model in Canada, USA, and beyond.

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Following the acquisition of a franchise lead, Cadence maintains personal and meaningful communications to increase interest and engagement. Through carefully curated nurturing programs, we cultivate a rapport with leads and increase their propensity to advance past the qualification stage. We keep a franchise sellers’ pipeline full of purchase-ready prospects.

Meet The Founders

Corey Nicholson, CEO

Corey is a visionary leader and franchise sales specialist with a track record in quarterbacking successful, custom-tailored franchise development solutions.

Cindy Hill, COO

Cindy is a CRM guru and marketing automation expert dedicated to customer service excellence. She is a talented project manager with a proven ability to influence franchise growth.